Thursday, August 25, 2011

NH Moose.Again?

On the day before I was to get married my future wife and I were eating a noon time meal at a nice pub. Although I am somewhat of a luddite I did check my phone apps and tried to find out if anyone of us had been chosen for the NH moose permit lottery. Much to my chagrin I was a winner. I could not believe I was chosen. In 2003 I was picked for Zone B in the northern tip of the state. That hunt was memorable and I had taken a fine bull with a single shot handgun. I used my favorite gun, a TC Contender with a Super 16 45-70 barrel. The following year my mother was chosen and I shot another moose albeit smaller with a TC Contender in 375 JDJ. That hunt too was very memorable.

Now for 2011 I had been picked for the moose hunt. I have an either sex permit for Zone I 1 which is north of Concord. It is mid state and from what others have told me it is a tough zone. I will have to hunt my butt off ,so to speak. It looks like I will have to do a great deal of scouting and practice with the Contender.