Friday, April 10, 2009

Dreams of Alaska

I remember the year I obtained my first full time teaching position. I was working with a husband and wife who taught at the same school I was in. Annie and Norman had some relatives in the state of Alaska. Annie had a brother who moved to Soldotna Alaska some time ago and there was a family reunion of sorts in the works. One of Annie's relatives, her Uncle Avigo, was very old and stated that he could not make the long flight to the Great Land. As I was behind my desk correcting papers on the roots of the War of Northern Aggression Annie approached me. She basically stated that I could take the place of her uncle and spend two and a half weeks in the Great Land for ...err... $250...flight included. How could anyone with a scrap of sanity pass that up? I immediately said yes and started to make some phone calls. I was about to live a dream come true.

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